August 2023
Inspired by our customers’ stories, our 2023 campaign showcases how Richman is becoming a “school tradition” being passed from parents to children. In this campaign ex-Richman customers, now parents, dress up in their school uniforms together with their children of different ages, in a fun, playful yet emotional photoshoot. 

The “twinning” concept resonates in our customers’ heart, since their statements “I was a Richman customer and now my kids are too” become strong visuals that nicely blend everything related to great looking school uniforms, tradition, family. What Richman is all about.
August 2022
Our rebranding campaign.  After 22 years of our operation, we wanted to re-introduce the Richman brand. Our aim was simple: to bring a clean, fresh, modern look to a school uniform brand much-loved by kids and parents. Our #toocoolforschool tagline was brought to life by everyday children in their school uniforms, shoot around the flagship of modern public school facilities, the newly renovated Lanition Gymnasium in Limassol.  Every click reveals the ease, comfort and cool look of kids regardless of other characteristics. Because at Richman we believe that all school kids are cool.