Richman, a family affair.

Now, moving to its second generation, the company was founded by Michael- a tailor in profession- and his wife Katerina- a seamstress.  Since the legendary 90s, they owned their own garment factory, providing quality school uniforms to the biggest department stores of Limassol. Their expertise in garment manufacturing is the foundation Richman was built-upon.

Early 00s, their biggest clients closed down, making them reconsider the future of their business. Michael, was the mastermind behind the idea of creating a retail store dedicated to school uniforms, while Katerina was initially hesitant about it. 

From their first small shop located in Gladstonos street, the Toumaniou family started to create a one-stop-shop for school gear.  Parents and students alike were delighted with the concept of cool and quality school uniforms available all year round. The Richman logo popped up more and more in school uniforms!

Richman and the Toumaniou family are since then an essential part of the school journey of thousands of students. 

More than two decades working together (22 years to be exact), Katerina and Michael are making uniforms for life! Ιn this process, they initiated their three daughters, Valentina, Regina and Markella, even their granddaughter Michaella. They work together from creating the designs, to pattern-making, sourcing the right materials, sampling, garment production to selling the uniforms to students and parents.

There are no words to describe their satisfaction and pride when parents are coming to the store to buy their kids’ school uniforms and describe their own experience with Richman uniforms as students! Creating this legacy, from generation to generation, makes all these hours on the sewing machine in order to create the perfect uniform for every single kid, not only worth it but also fills them with strength, joy and anticipation for the next students to come!

The second-generation family members are determined to uphold what Richman is fondly known for: quality school gear and A-level customer service. 

After all, it’s a family for families.